Two-degree-of-freedom control of a multilink flexible manipulator using filtered inverse feedforward controller and strain feedback controller
VolumeJASETD Volume 1 Issue 1 2019
IssnISSN 2309-0936
AuthorsWaweru Njeria*, Minoru Sasakia, Kojiro Matsushitaa, Harrison Ngethab
Article TypeResearch article
Article Section
First PublishedFebruary 2019


This research paper presents a hybrid solution to both residue vibration and transient vibration as addressed using filtered inverse feedforward controller and strain feedback controller on a 3D 2 links flexible manipulator. The feedforward filtered inverse will minimize on the transient vibration due to sudden starting followed sudden stopping of the manipulator arm while the strain feedback will ensure rapid decay of the residue vibrations. Transient and residue vibrations stand in the way to reaping all the numerous advantages of the flexible manipulator. Transient vibration refers to vibrations resulting from sudden changes in the direction of the links while residue vibrations means that the arm takes too long to settle to do some useful work. Modelling of the manipulator and development of the inverse controller was carried out in Maple, MapleSim and MATLAB softwares. Experiments carried out in dSPACE control desk environment considering the manipulator without load and a case where a load of 100g was attached at the distal end of link 2.

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