Comparison of Simulation of Contact Force Control of Flexible Manipulator Using Bernoulli-Euler theory and Timoshenko theory
VolumeJASETD Volume 1 Issue 1 2019
IssnISSN 2309-0936
AuthorsMinoru Sasakia*, Takashi Kuwabaraa, Waweru Njeria, Kojiro Matsushitaa and Harrison Ngethab
Article TypeResearch article
Article Section
First PublishedFebruary 2019


Industrial robots are expected to be used in circumstances where they can be directly touched by humans like the welfare robot which assists the elderly in the society. Considering the nature of this application in terms of safety, the control of the contact force becomes a requirement along with the conventional control of position. In this article, simulation of the contact force control of a flexible manipulator to investigate the influence of shear deformation and rotational inertia, which varies depending on the sectional shape of a beam, on the result between the Bernoulli-Euler beam theory and Timoshenko beam theory. Comparisons are presented without considering shear deformation and rotational inertia and considering its effectiveness.

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