The Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology for Development (JASETD) was launched to respond to the general need for quality publication and to benefit the research community. The journal’s mission is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss new issues and developments in different fields of development including engineering and applied sciences. Each of our issues will contain between ten and fifteen articles addressing issues of interest ranging from engineering technologies and innovations, basic and applied sciences, business management and entrepreneurship.

The Editorial Board is composed of individuals from leading scientific and technical institutions, international bodies, and other major stakeholders, as well as individuals and representatives from institutions and organizations based beyond our region. The journal will continue to expand the team of editors and advisory board to include a wide range of scientists from all over the world.

The Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology for Development aim to maintain the highest international standards and become a reference engineering, applied science and development journal. We, therefore, seek collaboration with the largest number of authors and institutions, to assist us in fulfilling our mission. JASETD will continue to increase the number of submissions received, mainly due to our many factors including low publication fees with no additional costs for figures or color image reproduction, speed of publication and quality driven editorial policy.

JASETD would like to thank in advance all the authors who will be publishing with us for the dissemination of their research findings. We are committed to providing an effective and efficient publishing process.

Editor, JASETD - Prof. Charles N. Mundia

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